Service Department

Vacuum cleaners are the most abused and neglected appliance in the home. Just as our automobiles need oil changes and tune-ups, vacuum cleaners also require the occasional visit to the repair shop for cleaning and maintenance.

Where others will simply replace a malfunctioning motor or part, we will examine and diagnose the problem to determine if repair is a viable option.

Quite often we can repair machines that customers have been told are unfixable and need to be replaced. Bring your machine in for a free estimate.

Repair or Replace?

We give every consideration to repairing a machine unless the condition and age of the unit make the repair unwise for the customer. Some machines present the problem of a lack of parts availability or poor design, and should be replaced for reasons of cleanliness and efficiency.

Many older vacuum models used poor quality bags and filters, producing a large amount of dust return. Most newer machines employ high quality bags and filters, ensuring that the dirt stays in the machine and is not recycled back into the home, where it can be breathed in, or end up back on the furniture and TV screen.

Newer models are also much lighter in weight than some of the older metal bodied vacuums. Although the newer plastic models aren't as durable, many customers prefer to update simply because they're tired of dragging a heavy machine around.


Replacing a vacuum? Save your old one from the landfill by bringing it to us to recycle.

Some machines can be cleaned up, rebuilt and saved. Others may not be worth fixing, but can still be stripped of any reusable parts.

Warranty Service

Authorized warranty service for Cana-Vac, Johnny Vac, SEBO, Hoover, Royal Dirt Devil and Carpet Pro.

Warranty claims are usually processed on the same day the machine is dropped off at the shop. If the manufacturer has to send replacement parts or even a replacement vacuum, there will be a delay before you can get your vacuum back. Can't wait? Ask us about getting a loaner vacuum if you need one.

Be aware that the manufacturer warranty won't cover things such as belts, filters, general maintenance, cleaning, or abuse. Please see your owner's manual for details on what's covered under your warranty.


We have a full selection of parts for most common repairs and we can order almost anything we don’t already have in stock. In some cases, we may even have some good used parts that could save you some money. Feel free to call, email or drop by to see if we have what you need. If we don't have it - or can't get it - we can advise you on where you might be able to find it.

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