Most newer homes are built with a roughed in vacuum system and many home owners eventually take advantage of this feature. There are many factors to consider when choosing a central vacuum; the square footage of the home, whether there is bare floor and carpet to clean, and the features the various brands and models offer. Not all central vacuums will work in all homes, so it's important to be informed and take your time considering the variables before making this decision.

A properly designed and installed central vacuum will outperform most portables and will afford years of trouble-free service.


Dominion Vacuum sells and installs high performance vacuum systems and we possess the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless purchase and installation of what we sell.

Because a proper installation takes time (sometimes a full day including travel time) we are unable to install systems purchased elsewhere. We will, however, provide in-home service to any existing vacuum system regardless of brand or where it was purchased. If you're having trouble with your system, give us a call - we will be happy to advise you in solving any problem yourself, possibly saving you the expense of a service call.

Once a vacuum system has been installed, we go through the system with the customer and answer any questions they might have. If any problems do occur, we are quick to act and solve all concerns promptly and professionally. We want all of our customers to be satisfied and confident that they did the right thing in coming to us for their purchase.

We're proud to carry the Cana-Vac Signature™ series line of central vacuums. Powerful and efficient, these vacuums are powered by heavy duty tangential bypass motors for superior performance and durability.

LS 590 • LS 690 • LS 790

We carry these three latest models which are a good fit for almost any home. All three have the following features:

*We recommend to our customers that they use the bag option. Why? Not only does it make emptying the vacuum a lot cleaner and less hassle, but the high quality, multi-layered fabric bags help to trap fine dust particles. This keeps your motor and filter clean, which helps your vacuum operate at peak performance. We even include 2 packages of bags (appx 2 year supply) with your central vacuum purchase.

Comparison of the power of each unit.

LS 590 LS 690 LS 790
5.7" Motor Size 5.7" Motor Size 6.6" Motor Size
465 Airwatts 566 Airwatts 659 Airwatts
137" Waterlift* 143" Waterlift* 145" Waterlift*
96 CFM** 124 CFM** 136 CFM**
Spec Sheet Spec Sheet Spec Sheet

*Waterlift (or Sealed Suction) is measured by how many inches of water a motor can pull up a 1" tube. The more powerful a motor is, the more water it can pull.

**CFM (or Air Speed) measures the cubic feet per minute that air is being pulled by the motor. Higher CFM motors are more efficient if you have more bare floor surfaces than carpet.

XLS 990 (available by special order)

For extra large homes, the XLS 990 has all the features of the other models - but with a larger, more powerful motor. It's a larger machine overall, with a 14" diameter body and a 28L (7 Gal) dirt bucket.

XLS 990
8.4" Motor Size
710 Airwatts
152" Waterlift
137 CFM
Spec Sheet

Do you have Questions?

Do you have questions or need help deciding which central vacuum is right for your home? Please email or call and we'll be happy to help. Or stop by the store for a chat or a no-pressure, no-hassle demonstration.

Tool Sets

We carry a top of the line tool set that includes the following items:

*Only need a longer hose in one area of your home? Ask us whether a hose extension will work for you.

Tool sets include your choice of powerhead:


Entry level basic powerhead

Metal brush roll

Replaceable brushes

Geared belt drive

Bright light bulb

Separate on/off switch


Telescopic wand with quick release


Belt overload protection

4 position height adjustment

Dirt finder technology

Bright light bulb

Separate on/off switch

Midline 2

Telescopic wand

Long life ribbed belt

Rubber coated wheels on metal axle

Belt overload protection

5 position height adjustment

LED light

Low profile


German engineered

Quick disconnect telescopic wand

Geared belt

Rubber wheels on metal axle

Chevron brush roll with isolated bearings

5 Position height adjustment

LED light

Swivel/steer feature

SEBO powerheads and tool sets

Both the SEBO ET-1 12" and ET-2 15" powerheads are well designed and durable. Features include manual height adjustment, 180° steering, easy clean roller brush, plus light indicators to warn you about obstructions and brush wear.

Premium tool sets include a 30' (or 35') hose, a premium dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and separate telescopic wand with SEBO's premium parquet floor tool. Need a different SEBO tool kit? Contact us and we'll get it for you!

All central vacs, tool sets and powerheads are available separately. Doing your own installation? We have valves, fittings, vacpans, as well as garage kits and other central vacuum accessories.